Mission & Vision

The seed planted by the Bank's Promoters in their initial deliberations form the core of Mega Bank's Vision, Mission and Values. The ethos driving the institution forward today is the vision and mission of being the Banker of every Nepali, from Halo to Hydro (Plough to Power). With this value of inclusive banking forming the core of the Mega culture, the institution aims to deliver Service Excellence to create mutually beneficial relationships with all our stakeholders.

Each and every member of the Mega Team is committed to delivering Service Excellence and working towards providing five star quality banking to Customers, Shareholders, Regulators, Community and the Staff, creating, building and strengthening relationships of mutual benefit. In order to achieve our Mission the institution is committed to our Mega Values of being Service Centric, Transformational, Action Oriented, Result Focused, and Synergistic (S.T.A.R.S) in everything we do.