Mega Lifestyle Details

SNName of the InstitutionAddressDiscountDiscount DetailsContact No
1Bento Lounge & BarBishal Bazar10%10% on food & drinks 9869163339
2Green Peace Garden ResturantBhaktapur15%FOOD items9823524345
3Hashtag Lounge Durbarmarga15%on food and drinks ( shall provide complementary drinks or cakes on pre-bookings)9851018069
4Himalaya Guest HouseBhaktapur15%food items01-6617354
5Hotel Yak & Yeti Durbarmarga15%food & breverage.01-4248999
6KOTODurbarmarga15%only on food items01-4220346
7Ne ' BrasserieNaxal10%Food & Beverages01-4422957
8OPiumDurbarmarga10%resturant & bar01-4231258
9Orchid Garden ResturantNaxal10%Food & Beverages01-4432354
1AbhinandanBishal Bazar10%bishal bazar ground floor,on sarees.01-4221894
2AttireBouddha20%clothing items01-4465539
3Central Fashion HubKupondole10%Discounts on Fashion desigining cources01-5180390
4Fashion MantraDurbarmarga 10%saree and suits01-4442618
5Forever Young Rising Mall, Kamaladi10%clothes and bags01-4169167
6Be LabelsPatan, Lalitpur10%Boutique9802018217
7Kanak BoutiqueGaneshwor12%Discount on Sari and Kurtha9867142837
8Uttams Creation BoutiqueKupondole(5 to 7) %5% on stiching charges and 7% on purchasing items9808796029
9Tag Kumaripati20%for both ladies & gents wears.01-5008555
10The Blingkumaripati10-20%20% on bags, shoes & appreals , 10% on cosmetic items01-5008594
11Top Class Charles & KeithDurbarmarga10%Shoes and clothing items01-4227670
12Trikaya Business HouseTeku-11, Bhotebahal20%Pasmina Swal9841636100
13Tulip Collection (for men) 25%Cloths for men9841493365
14Ori BoutiqueGaneshwor12%Discount on Sari and Kurtha01-413674
15Rare And UniqueRising Mall10%Discount on Bags and Apperals.9803044117
1Ba La Skin and Hair ClinicKupondole Lalitpur15 to 20%Related to Hair and Skin Problems01-5260202
2Dermaperfect Skin, Laser & plastic surgery center Maharajgunj5%on hair removal and skin tightening01-4417636
3Laxmee Hair and Beauty StudioKoteshwor,Nepal10%Beauty Parlor-Discount except for Hair Straitening, Hair Coloring and Keratin Treatmenet01-5520907
1Bijayapur Hospital Pvt Ltd, DharanDharan5 to 15%Admission and bed charge 15% , Operation Charges 5%, Investigation plus Procedure 10% and Medical Expenses 5%025-533490
2Chirayu National Hospital & Medical Institute Pvt LtdBasundhara5 to 20%20% on bed charge to staff and 15% on bed to customers. 15% on Diagnostic to staff and 10% for customers. 10% on Surgery. 12% on procedure  to staff and 10% to customers. 5% on pharmacy for both 01-4382382
3Golden HospitalBiratnagar, Morang5 to 25%5% and 10% on Radiology and Hormonal test021-521809
4Grande International HospitalTokha Road, Kathmandu7.50-10%    Provide 10% discount on hospital charges to staffs and 7.5% to customers,Prioritize medical evacuation- Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) to MBNL staffs and clients and their dependents.Provide *Health Packages to staff members and clients at Rs 150001-5159266
5Greencity HospitalTokha Nepal7-20%Provide flat 20%,15%and 7%on bed charge,15% on Lab investigation, 10% on Radiology,15% on Surgeries and 7% on Pharmacy01-4381133
6NorvicThapathali5- 25%  5 % additional discount on 25% already discounted Norvic Annual Health Packages, 10% on Pathology, 10% on Radiology including CT/MRI Scan, 10% on Mammogram,10% on Cardiac Non- Invasive examinations and 10 % on Surgical charges as well as 5 % discount on bed charges on Hospitalizations to staff members / customers and to their family members( i.e, Spouse, Parents and 2 children) 01-4258554
7Star Hospital Sanepa height15% and 10%  Provide a 15% discount, 10% discount on (Lab Test, X-Ray, ECG, Endoscopy and Colonoscopy,Operation Charges,USG/EEG/CT Scan/PFT,other diagnostic tests and parameters,Medicine)  to debit/credit card holders of Mega Bank on Bed Charges (ICU/Cabin/Ward).01-5550197
8Vayodha Hospitals Pvt. Ltdkalanki10%, 5%10% on Bed Charges / Pathology/X Ray /CT Scan / ECG / Echo / TMT / USG/Angiography / Angioplasty and 5% Discount on Medicines 01-4286428
1Ucchata Dental VenueSatodobato15%dental treatment9841336974
2Lokhit Dental HospitalTripureshwor20%Dental related services01-4101041
1Sai PolyClinic & DiagnosisAlfa Beta Complex,Madan Bhandari Marg,Kathmandu10 to 25%Clinic 01-4782042
2Krown Laboratory& Referral Centre (K-Lab)Bhatbhateni20%Path01-4439183
1Mega LightKamaladi20-40%20% discount on Lights and 40% discount on switches01-4247033
1Asri JewelersDurbarmarga, newroad15%diamond items01-4221331