Mega Jeevan Sathi Bachat Khata

Mega Jeevan Sathi Bachat Khata (MJSBK) is a special savings product designed with an objective to cater the needs of pre and post wedding couples, as well as bachelors who are planning to get married. It is specially targeted to these customer segments who seek good returns on their investment along with additional benefits that may help them during their weddings.


  • Minimum Balance Requirement: NPR 5,000/-
  • Interest rate : 3.00% per annum
  • Free Checkbook
  • Free Visa Debit card issuance charge in first year.
  • Visa Credit Card Facility
  • Free Mobile Banking issuance charge in first year
  • Free Online Banking Facility
  • Free account statement.
  • C-ASBA Facility : Free on demand
  • Home Banking Facility***
  • Private Banking Facility****
  • Special Discount on Life Insurance Premium*****
  • Special Discount from our Merchants******
  • Professional Loan, if eligible*******
  • EMI Facility (Insta Buy) ********

*** Home Banking Facility is provided to account holders who maintain an average quarterly balance of NPR. 10 Million and above

**** Account holders maintaining an average quarterly balance of NPR. 5 Million and above for a period of 6 months are entitled to avail the Facility of Private Banking inside valley. Customers maintaining Rs.1 Million and above for a period of 6 months are entitled to avail Facility of Private Banking outside valley.

****** Special Discounts from our Merchants (Jewelry Shops, Clothing Stores, Party Palaces, Travel Agencies, etc.)

******* Professional Loan is provided to different professionals (Doctors, Engineers, Pilots, Government Officials, Managerial positions, etc.) up on meeting the Loan criteria of the Bank.

******** EMI Facility to cover Pre and Post Wedding Expenses from our Merchants. (Required: Credit Card, VAT Bill, Purchase made during last 90 days, Maximum amount: Rs. 5 Lakh, Maximum Installment Period: 18 months), subject to justified income source.


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