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Mega Bank Nepal Limited was established with the strategic goal of inclusive banking and being the banker of every Nepali from Halo to Hydro i.e. from plough to power. In the same vein Mega SME Banking caters to the segment that falls in between the Halo and Hydro segments of the market i.e. the small and medium enterprises sector that forms the back bone of the economy. Mega SME Banking does not only cater to market requirements in terms of loans or credit services. In addition to these basic services the unit also aims in a holistic manner providing existing and prospective clients financial advice, market information and any other directly related service that may assist the business in sustainably growing in the prevailing market environment. 

Our financing areas range from agriculture sector including, farming, pisciculture (fishery), horticulture, poultries and hatcheries, to small scale industries producing a myriad of products from cables and wires to GI pipes and aluminum fittings. Apart from the manufacturing sector we are also heavily involved in the trading sector for goods of all natures. Our special focus, apart from manufacturing and trading has shifted in recent days to the service industry which will form the key component of the economy in the days to come. We proudly call numerous travel agents, hospitals, schools, colleges and hotels our clients. 

The Mega SME unit has grown from strength to strength with the larger institution and in the days to come aims to be the cornerstone of the bank’s future success.


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