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1. The Card (Visa International prepaid card) is the property of the Bank at all times.

2. The Card is non-transferrable.

3. If the information submitted by Cardholder is found to be false and/or the Card has been misused, the Bank reserves the right to seize/cancel the Card issued to any Cardholder.

4. The Bank shall debit the Account(s), designated by the Cardholder for all transactions initiated including cash withdrawals by using the Card. For this purpose, the Cardholder irrevocably authorizes the bank to debit his/her Nominated Account(s) with the amount of transaction(s) effected through the use of the Card.

5. The Bank reserves the right to terminate membership, withdraw the privileges attached to the Card or not renew the expired Card at any time and to call upon the Cardholders to surrender the Card.

6. Use of the Card after notice of withdrawal of the prevailing of the termination of the membership is fraudulent and may be subject to legal action by the Bank in accordance with the prevailing law.

7. Upon termination of membership or withdrawal of privileges of the Card for any reason whatsoever, the Card shall be returned to the concerned branch within 7 days from the date of receipt or notice. The Cardholder shall be liable for payment of the bills arising out of use of the Card till Card is not surrendered to the Bank.

8. The Cardholder shall provide written instructions to the Bank for the cancellation/non-renewal of the Card one month prior to the expiry date specified in the card.

9. The Card issued to the Cardholder are entirely at the Cardholder's risk and responsibility. The Cardholder shall not disclose or permit possession of the Card to any other person. The Cardholder undertakes full responsibility for any and all transactions made by the use of the Card whether or not made with his/her knowledge or authority.

10. The Cardholder agrees to inform the Bank in writing regrading lost/stolen, damage of Card. The Cardholder will be held liable for all the transactions received prior to this notification.

11. Any dispute related with transaction performed through Card must be notified to the Bank within 30 days of transaction for processing chargeback

12. It is Cardholder's responsibility to check the statement from time to time to confirm correctness of transactions

13. The Cardholder undertakes to indemnity the Bank and to keep the Bank Indemnified against all losses, damage cost or expenses incurred and sustained by the Bank arising out of Cardholder's failure to observe any of the terms and conditions mentioned herein.

14. The Cardholder will be liable for any kind of violation of foreign currency rules and regulations

15. The Bank reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions along with fees and charges by publishing a public notice and such amendments shall be binding to the Cardholder.

16. All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of courts in Kathmandu, Nepal.