Mega Fixed Deposit Account

Long-term investments form a large portion of everybody's future plans. An alternative to simply applying for Loans, fixed deposits allow you to borrow from your own funds for a limited period, thus fulfilling your needs as well as keeping your Savings secure.

Fixed Deposit  Rate Per Annum Minimum Balance(NPR)
Individual Fixed Deposit  
3 months and Above12.133 %
Institutional Fixed Deposit

3 months and Above
10.133 %
Matribhumi Fixed Deposit (Remittance) for 3 Months and Above
13.133 %
Mega Magic FD Schemes ( Normal )
11.03 %100000
Mega Magic FD Schemes ( Remittance)
12.03 %100000
Mega Magic FD Schemes ( Institutional)
9.03 %500000
Mega High Yield Fixed Deposit (Remittance) **
13.133 %

*Modality of Interest payment in fixed deposits will be as per the conditions set by the Bank.

**Condition apply

For further information, please contact:

Resource Development Department

Mega Bank Nepal Limited

Rising Mall (4th Floor), Kamaladi, Kathmandu

Phone: 977-1-4169204/ 205, Fax- 977-1-4169217