3D Secure Service on Online Transaction (VbV)

3D Secure is a new service from Mega Bank in association with Visa that lets cardholders shop online securely with their existing Mega Bank Card which may be used on merchant websites that subscribe to services of "Verified by Visa" (VbV). 3D Secure Service confirms cardholder’s identity through a simple check process when they make online purchases.

3D Secure service allows Mega Cardholders to use their cards during online transactions and allow them to participate in Verified by Visa process. The new value added service by Mega Bank is an extension of the Bank’s mission to reiterate its commitment to its customers to meet the needs of an ever-changing market in terms of security, technology and financial solutions.

As a direct benefit, Mega Cardholders can now enjoy additional security for their online card usage on various ecommerce websites worldwide. This will also increase acceptance across more merchants participating in 3D secure services for using Mega Bank’s Cards. The protective feature enables Bank to authenticate not only the card but also the cardholder during payment of internet purchases thus protecting their online transactions against theft and illegal use of cards.

Download Online Transaction Activation Form