Mega Bank Direct Banking (Internet Banking

Mega Bank Direct Banking (Internet Banking)
Mega Bank Direct Banking uses the internet as a medium to provide customers with an intuitive and feature rich user interface for conducting banking activities such as transferring funds, viewing account information and making payments and requests from the comfort of their homes/offices and at a time of their own convenience. 

Corporate iBanking

This is a unique feature provided by Mega Bank Direct Banking which is designed to deliver value added services exclusively for corporate clients. With this module, businesses can easily manage their accounts online by themselves. The bank provides a single user login to corporate clients using which the clients themselves create sub users with defined roles and privileges to manage transactions.

Account Information
  • General Information
        View general account information such as A/C numbers, A/C Type, interest rates, balances

  • A/C Statements
        View, Download and Print A/C Statements over a date range

          Fund Transfers

  • Pre-Defined Accounts
        Transfer funds to only certain accounts selected at the time of subscription. This is also known as a closed fund transfer.

  • Linked Accounts
        Also known as an open fund transfer, users can transfer funds to any account in the bank. 

  • Transaction Log
        Users can view a log of all transactions made using Mega Bank Direct Banking along with the status.
        Payments & Purchases
  • Bill Payments
        Pay bills for utility services such as Nepal Telecom Landline, Postpaid, ADSL

  • Recharge Cards
        Purchase recharge cards for merchants such as Nepal Telecom (GSM/CDMA), Dish Home, Broadlink etc.

  • Merchant Payments
        Make online payments to merchants such as schools, newspaper subscriptions etc.

  • eSewa
        Load funds into the eSewa wallet and make use of available eSewa services

  • Retail Payments
        Make payments/purchases through ecommerce websites or those that support online payments (Movie Tickets)

  • Credit Card Bill Payment
        Customers availing credit card services can pay their bills online

  • Scheduled Payments
        This unique feature allows customers to schedule and automate recurring payments much like a standing instruction.         Payments are made without any human intervention at the user selected date and recurs at user selected intervals.
Requests & Others

  • Cheque Book Request
        Customers can send a request to the bank specifying the account number and number of leaves of a cheque book to be         printed. This eliminates at least one visit to the bank by the customer as he/she needs to visit the bank only to collect the         cheque book when ready.

  • Cheque Stop
        Customers can also stop cheque leaves from being honored by specifying the account number, cheque number and the         number of leaves.

  • Send/Receive Messages
        Mega Bank Direct Banking also features a messaging section whereby customers can receive messages from the bank and         can also send messages to the bank to report any problems or send feedbacks.    

  • Activity Log

        An activity log displays a log of all activities conducted by the user including log in/log out information and menu usage.