Micro Banking

Mega Bank has been implementing innovative products/services other than conventional banking practices that aims to enhance “Access To Finance”. Bank’s major Micro Banking products comprise of deprived sector loans, priority and interest subsidized loans and Branchless Banking services. Through this program, we endeavor to reach a considerably large number of smallholder rural clients offering services right at their door steps.

Specialties of Mega Micro Banking Program:
  • All products/services offered equally to smallholder customers;
  • Targeted to the deprived sector and people with lower income group.
  • Inclusive programs – without considering the economic status, caste, culture, race, ethnic group, political reference, religion etc.;
  • Value chain financing model - financial services are provided to all value chain actors.
  • Less paper work though easy managerial process through the use of state of art technology;
  • Credit plus programs to target customers in alliance with development organizations, particularly on entrepreneurship development and market linkage.
  • Social development trainings on the basis of groups’ demand/ necessity.

Micro Banking Products:

1.Mega Priority Sector and Interest Subsidized Loan:

  • Priority Sector and Interest Subsidized Loan focuses on below listed categories:
  • Youngster aged of 18 years or above and willing to do business on their own,
  • Youth wanting to pursue higher studies,
  • Unemployed educated person willing to do business,
  • Foreign returned youth who wants to start up their business on their own,
  • Women who want to do business solely or in a group,
  • Suppressed Community people who want to continue their ancestral business in a modernized manner through use of modern equipment etc.,
  • Earthquake victims, who are not able to build/rebuild their homes despite having agreement signed with the National Reconstruction Authority.

2.Mega Saral Laghu Karja:


Loan Type

Targeted to


Loan Limits


Low Cost Housing Loan

Needy people

To build low cost house

Rs. 4 Lakh


Tractors and other agricultural equipment’s Loan


To buy agricultural equipment

Up to actual price


Agricultural Loan


To run agricultural projects

Up to Rs. 10 lakh


Foreign Employment Loan

Person who wants to go to foreign country

To meet expense incurred for foreign employment

Up to Rs. 1.5 lakh


Renewable Energy Loan

All people

To buy or build renewable energy equipment

Up to Rs. 1.5 lakh


Rickshaw Loan

Rickshaw Pullers

To buy and own Rickshaw

Up to actual price

3. Mega Indirect Loan:

Minimum criteria to be partner organization (POs)

  • Minimum 3 years of operations in Microfinance activities as a Microfinance Development Bank, FlNGOs, Small Farmers Co-operatives or Rural Co-operatives (Any co-operatives which are not situated in metropolitan & sub metropolitan city),
  • For New Microfinance Institution, i.e. 'D' Class Financial Institution shall be considered for lending if Directors/Promoters/Management team has more than 3 years of experience in Microfinance/Banking sector,
  • Minimum Core capital of Rs.1 million,
  • Minimum required capital adequacy ratio for microfinance institutions,
  • Registered under an appropriate act and received a license for Microfinance operation,
  • At least 250 active borrowers,
  • Committed Executive Committee and active & professional management,
  • Adopted generally accepted accounting system and appropriate policies and procedures for implementing and monitoring its credit program,
  • Execution of Audit in time and financial plan up to loan tenure.

For further information, please contact:


Mega Bank Nepal Limited

Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu.

Ph: 01-4445153/54/55,

Fax: 01-4169260

E-mail: micro@megabank.com.np

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